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A Swirly Twirl

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The Jackrabbit

A Path Through the Trees

The Rabbits' Big Dance

The Grande Finale

Greeting the Boats at Moonrise

A Circle Dance

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An Invitation to Join the Dance


Jumping for Joy

A Dancing Couple

Sleeping Bunny

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I am very happy and excited to introduce The Rabbits Dance, a children's book.

Ellie Kirby and I have been friends for almost three decades. In that time we’ve had fun sharing our art and dreams with one another. When Ellie’s daughter Rosy was seven years old, Ellie hung one of my prints of dancing bunnies above Rosy’s bed. Several days later Rosy, inspired by my print, presented Ellie with her own endearing illustrated story on notebook paper about rabbits getting together to dance

Ellie invited me to work on the book with her several years ago. The story closely follows Rosy’s narrative and her drawings were the springboard for the illustrations. My daughter Sophia, posed as the model for the little girl in the story that Ellie painted. It’s been a wonderful journey of creative challenges, learning new techniques and fun meetings. I hope this book will delight and inspire you.

Several of the illustrations I’ve created are available as giclee prints.