Printmaker, artist, illustrator

Debbie Littledeer








For each color in my design I make a stencil by hand cutting a special film and attaching it to a fine mesh fabric stretched over a metal frame. Alternately I can paint directly onto the mesh with screen filler, leaving open the areas through which I want a color to be printed.

How I create silkscreened prints

After the stencils (from 3 to 15) are attached I place paper beneath the screen, carefully registering it with the stencil. I push ink across the screen through the stencil opening and onto the paper below. I print one color, let the ink dry, clean up my screen and repeat this process for each color in my design. After printing the entire edition of 200 or less I dispose of the stencils, then sign and number each print.

The medium I use to express the beauty I see in the mountains is screen printing, also known as serigraphy. First I hike, daydream, read, look at photos and sketch my design, then simplify it into flat areas of color.